My Story

What started as a job at a local bakery when I was 15, grew into a hobby that I couldn't put down. So with 15+ years cake decorating experience, a handful of family recipes and a love of all things baked, I started Snacky French in 2010. Baking is my passion and creative outlet. I love getting to express that creativity in each confection I make. You can find me in the kitchen trying a new recipe or technique even on my days off. Being a home based bakery, while my children are little, has been a dream come true.

Snacky French?

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While honeymooning in Mexico my husband and I were walking around one day, looking for a delicious treat. We walked by many great places, but two stood out to us, one with the word “Snacky” in it the other one with the word “French”; well at least that's all we remember because we never ate at either. We put the two together and it soon became our inside joke that when we wanted a treat, we'd say “let's go get a Snacky French”. I loved it so much that I decided it would be the perfect, fun, off beat sort of name for my business. So next time you're in the mood for something sweet, remember this endearing term. “Let's go get a Snacky French”.